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Big Data Infographic and Gartner 2012 Top 10 Strategic Tech Trends

Data, data and more data…data is everywhere…data is important… By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online, pushing the data created and shared to nearly 8 zettabytes.  Centurylink created this cool infographic to highlight the data deluge and big data issues.  Gartner 2012 Top 10 Tech Trends illustrated some examples of this.

  • 30 billion pieces of content were added to Facebook this past month by 600 million plus users.
  • Zynga processes 1 petabyte of content for players every day, a volume of data that is unmatched in the social game industry.
  • More than 2 billion videos were watched on YouTube … yesterday.
  • The average teenager sends 4,762 text messages per month.
  • 32 billion searches were performed last month … on Twitter.
  • Worldwide IP traffic will quadruple by 2015 (Cloud is a big driver for this; most corporations are racing to upgrade networks and connectivity)

Time for a strategy…. I have visited several large corporations in the past month that are beginning to  build strategies and tangible plans.   This may be the difference between reacting and prospering in the world of Big Data and predictive analytics. Read more »

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